Who We Are?

Our Mission Statement

To bring together women from all denominations and empower them to influence destinies and strive for excellence
To be an enabling ministry where women from all denominations are empowered to influence destinies and strive for excellence

Aims and Objectives

To see women, develop in confidence and healthy self -esteem
To empower women individually and enable them to find their place within the ministry
To support the mission of The Everlasting Arms Ministries
To nuture faith though prayer and bible study
To enjoy fellowship and promote unity across denominations
To build up and equip women to reach out to their community and to influence their world
To set aside quality time at Jesus’ feet through prayer meetings , bible studies conferences , workshops.

To encourage Relax, Recharge , Refresh , Refocus holidays through The Women of Destiny Empowerment Expeditions both home and abroad.


Women of Destiny is an organisation which seeks to empower women using the gospel as our foundation. We wish to address both their spiritual and physical needs and to help them identify their God-given talents in all areas of life. Women of Destiny’s primary concern is to enable women to be empowered to fulfil their destiny and purpose.

We believe that women both young and old, single and married are created to add value to their family, friends and the community around them. Women have great power to influence society positively through their wisdom. We believe that all women should adopt a godly character, be virtuous such as the woman in Proverbs 31, they should strive to be multitaskers, productive, enterprising, hardworking and lastly should live up to their purpose to fulfil destiny.

Words from the founder

Woman occupies an important position in the plan of God. Woman the bible says is an ‘help meet’. We are made to complement, enrich, perfect, balance and add value to our family and our immediate environment and therefore our community

. It is therefore important that women realise their role and the position they occupy in the kingdom of God. The 21st century is the age of innovations, new developments, transformations, inspirations and motivation . Every woman should strive to use her creativity , multi-tasking skills , dynamism versatility and she should indeed add value in any environment she finds herself.

The 21st century woman can be likened to the Proverbs 31 woman; imaginative, inventive, multi-tasking, intuitive, original, knowledgeable, noble, excellent and of course Godly. No wonder the bible says her price is far above rubies. Gone are the days when women are made to believe that their position is only in the kitchen and the maternity wards. Women can be productive, enterprising and hardworking. I would encourage every woman to live up to her purpose, so as to attain her destiny and become a key decision maker in her home and immediate community .

I believe strongly that women should have a positive impact on the home and their immediate environment. The role women play in the church cannot be overemphasised. As such, it is important for every woman to contribute immensely and positively to the growth of the church. Let us use our potentials and abilities to build the kingdom of God. Let us be the Deborah of our generation , let us build the church up for good as women of honour and not dishonor . We should not use our feminine wiles in the art of manipulative destruction as in Delilah and Jezebel, but rather use our feminine strength to inspire , motivate and strengthen as to influence positively . I often say that take the most hardened man on planet earth , he could be an armed robber , drug dealer , terrorist, serial killer and the list goes on, however he will likely have a wife , mum , grandmother , sister , Aunty , niece etc etc that he loves, such is the power of a woman.