In every woman there is a purposeful woman waiting to be empowered.
We aim to bring together women from all denominations and empower them to influence destinies and strive for excellence. To be an enabling ministry where women from all denominations are empowered to influence destinies and strive for excellence.

Women of Destiny is an organisation which seeks to empower women using the gospel as our foundation. We wish to address both their spiritual and physical needs and to help them identify their God-given talents in all areas of life. Women of Destiny’s primary concern is to enable women to be empowered to fulfil their  destiny and purpose.

  •  Happy Monday  What a weekend! Ladies are we
  • We are all in need of a cooler weekend! Tomorrow
  • We all want to flourish within our lives most certainly
  • 3 DAYS TO GO! Beautiful ladies we are just around
  • EXPECT an encouraging and uplifting atmosphere Ladies lets come this
  • 5 DAYS to go ladies! Whos ready? Keep your eyes
  • Happy Friyay Fierce ladies! How are you ladies enjoying your
  • A lesson received! Shall we go a step further to
  • 10 DAYS TO GO LADIES! Not sure about you but
  • Ladies Its Friday be fierce! The weekend is here
  • We made it to the month of July Ladies!
  • 25 DAYS TO GO! The wonderful Oprah Winfreys words of

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